Phillmore DanielRichmond Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering


I was born on the small caribbean island of Nevis before moving to the Bronx New York when I was 6 years old. I instantly fell in love with the music scene, mainly hip hop & R&B but all music has great songs in it if you ask me. I loved the complexity of the lyrics and the emotions in the beats and always used to write down my favorite songs word for word, i remember specifically sitting in my mothers living room in front of an old wooden framed Cassette player writing down the lyrics to Outkast's “Elavators”. I love everything about music and always have. Coming up in NYC, I was front and center to Hip Hop’s finest lyricists and that’s where I started developing the passion to write lyrics, I started out just writing to no beat at all then eventually doing songs over existing songs but now i’m into the full process from scratch. Song writing to mixing and mastering and all the intricacies of a song and project from the moment it is just a thought to the time it is being bounced down and pressed up. If you need a song written, recorded and mixed i am the man for the job.