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Stephanie Lozoya

second sessionPosted by Stephanie Lozoya on 2015-10-14

second class completed this chapter was cool all about electricity reminded me a little of passed science class but it was still pretty interesting it helped because my first intern hours i learned how to hook up a studio mics,amps, etc... Read More >>

Stephanie Lozoya

first dayPosted by Stephanie Lozoya on 2015-10-06

hey everybody, finished my first chapter and had my first day today at the omina labs both were amazing had a lot fun learned a lot, jason was really cool explain everything in detail that i was having trouble understanding can't wait for next week excited to learn more im ready to start mixing but still too soon gotta a lot to learn first hopefully i will get to do intern hours this week well thats it for now let you know how next week goes Read More >>