Austin MullenSacramento Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

Vivid Conscience; a Hip Hop Artist, Audio Engineer, and Producer considers himself a modern day hip hop expressionist. He also sees a voice of self expression as essential when searching for peace of mind. In his music he often speaks on unconditional love and how this love is necessary to keep the world’s negatives from tearing us apart. Austin Mullen, born and raised in California, grew up with his mother and father who always found joy in rock and roll music. Although, Vivid’s passion for music began with rhythm and percussion. Starting with pots and pans and evolving into drum sets, instrumental production, and a deep love for lyricism; His journey as a hip hop artist began. Since his endeavor began, Vivid has always appreciated and respected the Hip Hop culture, even down to the deepest roots of its inception. Due to the tremendous impact Hip Hop has had on his ability to express himself, he currently has aspirations of touring the United States, and ensuring Hip Hop is known as what it should be, “a culture of freedom, passionate release, and most importantly...self expression”.

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