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Hypocritically challenged Posted on 2018-06-05 by Darrel Kidd

One thing that always struck me as odd especially when it comes to being around people or just being social in general is that, people really don't like it when you contradict yourself. You have to believe a certain set of rules and you can't argue or like the opposite side. For example, you can be involved deep with one genre of music (country) and like very little of anything else. Then when asked if you like rap you say no it all sounds the same, yet the next week your playing a pop song with a rapper in it. That will always cause people to look at you and ask you why do you like this when you said you didn't. Obviously there's exceptions and things aren't always black and white.

Same goes with many arguments we have as teenagers, well more as teenagers than adults i think. But regardless, i feel like there's such a harsh view of hypocritial people or the thought of someone being hypocritial. Because honestly we are all that way in one form or another, its just the degree of how much we're being hypocritial. Does that make sense? Hopefully, but i seem to go backwards when i speak more than forward. 

All I'm saying is, when your conversing with peers, family members, or even Jimmy from cell block D. The best thing to do or i guess in this case be, is open minded. Granted they're things that go to far and we're unable to be open minded to those things, but thats a whole other topic for later. Be kind, give rap music a chance. 

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