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Born in Spokane Washington. Lived in and around this area for most of my childhood. Parents were divorced before i was born so i was in the custody of my mother up until kindergarten. My mother was heavy into classic rock so i got my classic rock genre skills from her and her husband who was also big into music. My favorite groups were Queen and the Black Crowes, which i had albums of that were recorded on tape cassettes. i would visit my dad regularly who was a country boy that rode bulls, so you already know i was exposed to the country music scene. Of course i had my own  genre of liking, i had a walkman and my tape bag consisted of Tupac,Bone Thugs, Do or Die, Mac Dre, Rappin 4tay,etc.  Later on down the line I Went through a rock phase. Pretty basic life until i hit the age of 14 and certain circumstances had me thrown into the adult world and the underground adult world is where i roamed until the age of 18 when the government decided it was time to throw me in a cell for 63 months, which i did not serve all of. i got released after 3 and haldf years in prison with nothing and nobody. They sent me to Montana where I started working at a restaurant as a prep cook for 7.50 an hour after a year of that i moved to cook and after banging one of the servers one night she explained the front of the house work and i found out those servers were making alright money so i wanted in. After some time of mentioning i finally got out front and after four monthsof hosting i became full on server bartender. Started meeting and talking to a lot of people all the while working this job and moved downtown to the nicest restaurant in town and started meeting people that owned all the businesses around town all the while watching djs and listening to music wishing i could do that. after finally speaking and talking to the djs i knew i could do it so i said fuck it and pulled out a big loan and bought turntables, mixer and all the other essentials as nice as i could get spent the whole loan in one day and my life began. I was all up in the record pools downloading music any second i could until my equipment arrived. I had always been into music, my first instrument was the sax in school and my second was guitar. One day i came home to multiple packages and it just so happens all the equipment showed up at the same time, excited, i got it all inside and started setting up, not knowing anything about any of it, had never touched a turntable or mixer before i posted a pic of my equipment on facbook and as soon as i did the messages started coming in, i still had not touched them. I had a gig for a huge youth boxing event that day and knew i needed to start practicing and that is what i did. after learning the basics i was practicing during the youth boxing teams paractices in their gym getting ready for my first gig. finally the day came and god damn it was not a little get together, it was a huge very serious youth boxing event, the announcer was cool as shit and we worked great together, i had a fucking blast and met so many people on that day including the people who ran the show for the mma fights in town, adult not youth and i had my next gig, i dedicated heavy to djing and quickly moved up to the stage, my first time on stage was at the fine dining restaurant i was working and it was very nerve racking as there is no dance floor in there



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