Nathan WilsonSpringfield Recording Connection

Major: Studio Engineering

My name is Nathan wilson. I grew up in the small town of Eldon Missouri, where there wasnt much to to do other than play video games or keep everyone up at night jamming out on my guitar. I have played ever since i was old enough to hold a one. My parents are musicians, i remember growing up as a little kid and them hawling me around with the rest of there gear from show to show. They played alot of country and classical rock, im not much into Country but either way i knew i was hooked. Music was what brought all of our family together, my grandparents have owned the music store in Eldon for the longest time.

What really got me into engineering was the thought of getting to record my own music, then realized i could have the chance to meet some amazing artists from all over the place! I love computers, i will say im not the best with them but i know more than most. almost all of my hard drive is filled with music and video games. Definately my favorite hobby is to play one of my favorite games with some friends while jammin hard on on some good music. Couldnt make a better combo if you ask me.

I will listen to pretty much anything but country. I love rap with a good heavy bass beat, while hanging out with my friends. Actually one of my best friends is a world class beatboxer, he went to the national championships last year and will deffinately be trying again. He showed me enough to pick up on it, so everytime i see him we always stand around and show eachother our favorite new beatboxes. i told him if i ever got the chance i would be getting him into the studio because he is Amazing! I dont know if you have ever heard a good beatboxer but i have never heard anyone put beats together like he does.

I find when im driving through town listening to the radio, i can help to think that this world needs somthing new, something different, something nobody has ever heard or seen before. Dont get me wrong i have full respect for everyone playing on the radio, but it just seems like the radio station burns the new hit out, playing it 10 times a day is a little over board. Not sure if theres a way around that.

My favorite and what really gets me going is heavy rock, metal, and hardcore genres. Heavily destorted guitars, loud bass drops, ringing high hats, and growling vocals are really where i stand in the mix. Double bass petals galloping along with the rithum guitarist. One of the most difficult genres to play in my vote. but when they all come and clash together so perfectly! How could you not want to record it.