David AllisonSt. Paul Recording Connection

Major: Basic Audio Engineering

My name is David Allison and I am a growing entrepreneur and music producer. I have a business degree in marketing and finance, a minor in leadership, and am finishing up the audio engineering mentorship program with the Recording Connection. My mission is to produce and promote music for innovative growing artists so that their visions can become reality. I grew up playing the piano and have been composing acoustic guitar music since high school. I have been studying trends in the music industry ever since I started listening to music, and am always actively listening to songs and analyzing what sets them apart in the ocean of music that exists today. Since being a student at the Recording Connection, I have had a keen interest in what makes for a great recording, mastering sound design with software instruments and processing recordings, the great art of mixing, and the magic of mastering. In just a little over a year, with the help of the Recording Connection and my mentor Adam Frischhertz, I have successfully taken music ideas and created professional-grade finished products out of them. This is a process that brings me life, and I will forever be open to learning new methods of producing so that I am always improving my skills.

My portfolio of music is always growing. Be sure to check it out at https://soundcloud.com/david-james-music

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