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Session 7/26 Posted on 2015-07-29 by Spencer Marszalek

This session my mentor had me set up his mix so he can get started right away on it.  When he listened to it, he was actually impressed by how nice it sounded for only being there for half a year.  We were mixing a song from a 10 year old girl, and the lyrics didn't sound like they came from a 10 year old at all.  They were actual lyrics with a story.  It was a little weird because it was about a heartbreak, but it's also just a song.  The song wasn't all that bad either.  Later on, I met a session drummer named Thomas Finch, who is also the fill in drummer for Paramore.  He came in to discuss a song my mentor is doing and needs drums for.  He was a really cool guy, really talented.  

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