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Major: Music Production

From the time I was a child the best place to look for me was by the nearest Stereo. I spent most of my time there, listening to music and acting out "live concerts" that I had envisioned in my head; I was fascinated at how someone could create such a wonderful sound and wondered how I could capture an idea as inspiring as this. Since then I have invested my time in becoming successful at what seemed unattainable as a child.

 In the last 5 years, I have created marketable branding for artists, I have pieced together my own studio, and I have written and produced 100+ songs in multiple genres. In 2009 I attended a two-year certified trade school working in a professional studio using various DAW software.

 In the studio, and at home I spend my time creating marketable content for both my band, and for myself as a producer and an artist. I am self motivated, determined on being a professional that everyone wants to work with and am continuously taking the necessary steps to accomplish this. I know how to make people want what I have, and what my demographic wants to hear.

I am not searching for the spotlight, rather I am searching for success on a global level and need people working with me who want to do the same. If you are good at what you do, and you are a visionary, I would love to meet you. We can talk business, or if you want to just talk music, call or e-mail me:


[email protected]


One day I will see people expressing themselves through my music and know that I played a roll in keeping their dreams alive.

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Eli Olsen

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