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Chapter 03 – Digital Revolution Posted on 2018-03-08 by Wajira Amarakoon

Being born in to a digital world I still got to experience final part of the analog era mostly because of the limited availability in my country and we couldn’t afford them anyway. Transition was smooth as we were getting in to the digital realm most of the world was already knee deep. Even though I was not there when recordings were done in the analog world I seem to be fascinated by the equipment and method used in that time. I prefer some kind of analog path in my chain just to feel bit old school and fancy. Seeing that effect racks and a huge console brings me that satisfaction that I’m in a professional environment where music is made the majestic way.

I went in the studio that day and we went through the gear and the signal path that converts analog signal to digital and in to Pro Tools. Kris has a lot of Analog gear at the studio which he basically uses in every production. We went over digital audio formats, bit rates, sample rates which enlightened me more on behind the curtain of digital music.

It was at that time I understood the process that’s happening in my Behringer audio interface that I used for so many years without even thinking twice what goes in to it that comes out so elegantly without me breaking a sweat.

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