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Major: Audio engineer- music production

My name is Lindsay and I'm 21 years old. I currently reside in a very small town outside of Tampa,FL. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I've been here in FL about 5 years. I've wanted to be an audio engineer since middle school when I really got into music and it basically became my life. I listen to just about any genre, mostly EDM. 

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Lindsay Wussow

Lesson ninePosted by Lindsay Wussow on 2013-08-31

This week Audrey was a couple minutes late due to all the construction happening here in Florida. Once she got there we took out our quizes to be graded and Mike asked if we had any questions... Read More >>

Lindsay Wussow

Lesson eightPosted by Lindsay Wussow on 2013-08-31

Just like the weeks before we had both gotten to the studio at 10:00 am and took out our quizes to eb graded. Audrey and I did pretty well in this lesson and both felt we understood it quite well... Read More >>