Broken Social Scene. Feist. Rush. Anne Murray. Joni Mitchell. What do these internationally known artists have in common? They have all emerged from the active music scene of Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is undisputedly one of Canada's most active music industry hubs, prominent in R&B, rock, goth, pop, and indie-rock, and hosting an active underground hip-hop scene. Toronto is also home to some of the top recording studios in Canada.

On this page, you will see featured a number of professional audio engineers and music producers who have all received a state-of-the-art education in some of Toronto's top recording studios as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Toronto, ON. Trained on-the-job by some of the best producers and engineers in the industry, each of these individuals is highly skilled and qualified to handle your professional audio needs. Please visit their professional websites for full details about the services they offer. if you're interested in knowing more about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection, click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Toronto Recording Connection Students

Mark Hegarty

week 18Posted by Mark Hegarty on 2015-11-05

This week in the studio most of the focous was put towards how important it is to have your speakers set up properly and directed with as much percision as possible at the mixing seat... Read More >>

Mark Hegarty

Week 9Posted by Mark Hegarty on 2015-11-05

ThIs week my mentor Ted showed me the basics of Pro tools how to get me started with all the basic functions and controls along with how to mix a song in Pro Tools and how to get started... Read More >>

Brandon Davidge

Chapter 2 BlogPosted by Brandon Davidge on 2015-10-01

In this chapter i had learned that there is a lot more to audio then what we just hear. The actual science behind how its pushed out through speakers and how electricity plays such a key role in sound... Read More >>