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Chapter 2. Basic Electronics Posted on 2014-10-16 by Gabriel Fusco

  We went to the studio for the second time but it felt like everytime we walk in we feel more welcomed and more comfortable.  We were working with lionel and he was teaching us about the electronics of audio and how currents run.  Preety straight forward stuff.  We brought in our own projects and we showed him and we ask him if he can look it over and give us some feed back.  He said the ideas were there its just editing and mixing the track is what we need to work on.  So he gave us a little sample of what we would be learning in the future.  For example he put a compressor on our kick drum and wow it made a hige difference.  And also said he is going to teach us everything we need to know to make our mixes perfect.  Looking forward to next class.


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