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Major: Music Production & Audio Engineering

Kamela Singh could be described as a small individual. Her voice however, can be described as anything but small. Within her five foot stature, Kamela harnesses a wonderful and powerful vocal ability and musical knowledge.


Born and raised in Toronto, Kamela has been a musical child from the early days of her life. Introduced to the music scene at the tender age of six, she started her musical journey with piano and theory lessons. After excelling in piano, Kamela`s musical talent and interests continued to grow as she took up playing the alto sax in high school. Vocally, she was involved in jazz choir and concert choir, singing alto. Kamela was very involved in extra-curricular activities. She travelled with her music groups to many retreats, concerts and competitions to perform all throughout high school. These competitions lead her to perform in foreign places outside of Toronto, such as Virginia Beach and New York City. Her genre of choice has always leaned towards R&B / Hip-Hop; however, being an open individual, she enjoys listening to other genres such as Oldies, Soca, Reggae, Pop, and Country.


You can always catch her with a set of headphones in her ears, bobbing her head, engulfed in her musical world. Kamela has always been a strong, independent, passionate and persistent individual that has managed to get through all the curve balls life has thrown her way. Never a follower and always a leader, Kamela strives to be a unique individual.


After high school, Kamela continued to immerse herself in the music industry by performing at various open mics at Ryerson University as well as events throughout Toronto at destinations like Dundas Square, Ontario Place and on Lakeshore (for Caribana). Her musical journeys lead her to then explore her competitive side vocally. She auditioned for Canadian idol and Honey Jam where she was able to experience a more intense level of judgement and feedback. Kamela is a recent graduate from Durham College with an advanced diploma in Music Business Management. She continues to strive to keep current with music industry knowledge. Her internship at Phase One Studios taught her much about engineering. This was the place where she earned her first three assistant engineer credits. Kamela is also very knowledgeable in using ProTools and Logic.


Since Kamela’s audition in 2007, she has been lead female vocalists of Toronto’s crossover band called Destiny. Her participation in the band has further improved her musical skills and taught her many new things about not only music, but the business and performing world as well. She independently creates her own beats, melodies and composes her own lyrics and is not currently managed.


Her passion and attitude, combined with her vocal abilities and other musical talents makes Kamela a force not to be reckoned with in the music industry. She plans on establishing herself first as a recording artist and producer, while gaining the experience to become a recording engineer and later moving on to open her own studio.

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