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June 25, 2013 lol you wanted it! Posted on 2013-06-26 by Sonia Bihun

In class I learn to set up microphones to a speaker. Then we reviewed  the homework for chapter 3. All, correct to the best of my knowledge.  I am still piss that off at the guy that owns his own building on The blood queen of Sherbourne” God Dam it!  You know that jerk made me wait for three years!.. an told me I knew nothing! blood wanker! ( an yes I know what wanker means! an that teacher is one!  ) I go to this place? I am equal to the  teacher? Now?  sorry I had to get that  out of system,  this why I don’t blog or say much cause  deep down this what I think.

  Okay back  to class its wonderful there I love it, but, this junk  that goes through my mind all day.  The fun thing everything I spend all my lonely hours of doing nothing and reading that.. All this junk was worth it? I don’t give dam what they say anymore; yes I have issues laugh out loud.

Plus my only break from reality is music an the sick dream of being a music producer, why do I want to it cause I am crazy and I know it!  next topic;  I know the history microphones cause  of psycho  obsession of music, besides as a twisted boy-band fan of the 90s I know all about Lou J Pearlman, & Clive Davis.  you should read Bands Brands and Billions: My Top Ten Rules for Success in Any Business its a great book!   I  know a talk junk..   cause I don't want to blog so I will treat this like twitter :)

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