Joe's Millhill Saloon in Trenton, NJ is often described as a 'dive' by locals--but venture into the basement lounge, and you're likely to hear some of the best punk and alternative music in Trenton. This town has long been known as a hotspot for alternative music, which was once centered at the famed City Gardens. Since City Gardens closed at the end of the 1990s, the Basement at Joe's Millhill Saloon and other local venues have continued the tradition.

The individuals found on this page are professional audio engineers and/or music producers who have all received a state-of-the-art education at Recording Connection Audio Institute in Trenton, studying one-on-one under some of the best producers and engineers in the music business. Feel free to peruse the individual websites of these professionals if you are interested in knowing more about Recording Connection, or if you are in need of professional recording services. You can't go wrong with top-shelf professionals like these.

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Latest Blog Entries from Trenton Recording Connection Students

Billy Kleber

Chapter 9Posted by Billy Kleber on 2016-12-13

Learning the basics of protools was a great introduction into the program. I went over the  chapter with my mentor and I was lucky enough to meet famous drummer George Miller... Read More >>

Billy Kleber

Chapter 6Posted by Billy Kleber on 2016-10-28

Learning about microphone placement was awesome. Another lesson I got to go through with my mentor so I really got everything broken down for me! It's great to know that I now know the correct placement for microphones for different instruments... Read More >>