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Chapter 4 Blog Post Posted on 2016-09-29 by Dominic Baricevic

George & I went over different types of connectors, the difference between a balanced and unbalanced signal, patch bays, and the concept of phantom power. He brought out a bunch of cables as well as a patch bay and demonstrated how they operate as well as their differences. After that, he explained how phantom power worked and how his XLR microphone bay is connected to his XL Desk Solid State Logic mixing board. Once my lesson was done, after 30 minutes of downtime, we worked with a local hip-hop artist named Josh who does production and raps and his friend Richard who raps as well. George reviewed some of Josh's songs for an album he plans on finishing soon and helped record some vocals for Richard's track. I should review the definitions of each different type of connector/ cable from the chapter as its imperitive knowledge that must be retained.

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Chapter 6 Blog PostPosted by Dominic Baricevic on 2016-10-22

Today with George I spent roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes reviewing the basic mechanics of microphone placement. This is a crucial part of audio engineering as without proper knowledge of it, a sound recording may not be ideal when worked on in post production... Read More >>