Daniel SelfVirginia Beach Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

First of all thanks for reading this and welcome!

Guitar is my main instrument and I've been playing for over 14 years. Along the way I learned bass with some drums and piano as well. I felt I graduated from 'guitarist' to 'musician' as I branched out and strived to learn as much as I could.  Heavy metal holds a special place in my heart because it was my original influence and what got me started with music. But I also love hip hop, pop, electronic, classical, video game/movie soundtracks and more.

I record, compose, and put together original music in my small homestudio. Currently it is comprised of a Korg D3200 32 Track Digital Recorder, 88 Key Korg Triton Extreme keyboard, Line 6 PODxt, KRK Rokit Studio Monitors, and a small arsenal of guitars.

Eventually I would like to have my own studio/workplace and use it as a creative hub for different artists to share and collaborate whether someone needed sound effects for a movie, certain types of music, or even voice acting.

My eagerness to start the Audio Engineering program has been almost overwhelming. I enjoy meeting other people and diving deeper into all the knowledge coming my way.

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