Jermaine GibbsYorktown Heights Recording Connection

Major: Recording

 I am a graduate of  Jamaican-German Automotive School. 

 I took up Education as a career after majoring in Automotive technology.

 I completed my Diploma's education in the year of 2002.

 I am currently living in an apartment with my wife and our four (4) kids.


 Academically, I had always been interested in automotive skills and audio engineering.

 However I was given the opportunity to enhance my knowledge in Auto-technology.

 I eventually adopted and widen my ability as a technician to diagnose minor and major problems which associated with motor



 I was employed by G.M Challenger Co. back in my born country of Jamaica.

 During my tenure, as a Apprentice technician I worked my

 way up to joined forces with the well experience technician successfully.

 While working with General Motor I greatly appreciated the chance that 

 I recieved to work with senior techs who taught me alot regards to automotive.

 Before I migrated to the United State of America.


 My best interest has always been Audio engineering.

 I do love music so I embraced all genres of music.

 Because I do believe that music has the healing power to brings

 each and everyone together.

 I would be delighted to accomplish my number one goal during my endeavour.


  Last but not least, my hobbies are playing soccer with friends.

  Listening to music extensively,its help me focus and meditate on the brighter aspects of life .

  Also I enjoy watching track and fields and thoroughbred racing.



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