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Tech Solution To fight Global Hunger!! Posted on 2017-02-23 by Jermaine Gibbs

     Tech Solution to fight Global Hunger!!  What do you do when do you see or hear something strange and when to learn more? Perhaps no one round you may knows, so you go online or turn to social media. Within minutes, you can find or crowd-source an answer to your mystery, keeping it from perplexing you any longer. Now, take that scenario and shift it to a remote farmer, thousand of miles away in Africa, responsible for the food both their family and you will soon eat. An estimated 70% of the world's food comes from small, isolated farms than are no bigger, on average, than 2 acres. Until now, people working on these farms relied on word of mouth to solve life's daily puzzles, but their access to information is being transformed -- along with the food they produce. "It's about increasing food productivity ... better crops, better livestock, so we can double productivity throughout Africa," quoted by businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates. "We have one-fifth the productivity in Africa that we have in Europe and the United States," he said. The green revolution of the 1960s saw agriculture flourish, particularly in Asia, to improve food security globally as populations grew in size, but Africa lagged behind. Gates feels, however, that now is the time to bring the region up. So through his foundation, Gates and wife Melinda are funding a range of projects using a powerful tool that didn't exist during the first agricultural revolution: cell phone. 

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