Charlie GriggsArkansas Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering/Music Producer

My name is Charlie Griggs, and I'm from Hot Springs, AR. I'm currently enrolled in the Audio Engineering program through Recording Connection, and I'm apprenticing Randy McDonnell at Arkansas Professional Recording Studio.

I'm a singer/songwriter/musician; my solo project, Stillframe, and my collaborative projects, The Ism, Shelter, and Beneath the Fields, can be checked out at my website, I and my bandmates have just completed sophomore albums for The Ism & Shelter, which I hope to have available online soon, and I am currently working on material for my 4th solo album. 

I'm very excited to be enrolled in the Audio Engineering program, and for the opportunities to further hone my craft, finally work in a field that I've been involved with for pleasure most of my life, and collaborate with other artists. If you are interested in collaborating or commenting on my work, please feel free to contact me at any of the links provided on this page. Thanks for your time! 

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Charlie Griggs

Chapter 19Posted by Charlie Griggs on 2016-01-25

I've finished the chapter and quiz on Mastering...super helpful chapter, and one I'm sure I'll be revisiting a lot in the future until I have it down myself! The video sessions showing other engineer's processes are really helpful... Read More >>

Charlie Griggs

Chapter 18Posted by Charlie Griggs on 2016-01-25

I've completed the chapter 18 quiz on Acoustics and Monitoring. Lots of useful information in this chapter, I was glad to learn the terms for and become more familiar with the uses of some of the diffusers/absorbers/traps I've seen, as well as some I hadn't... Read More >>