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Chapter 17 Posted on 2015-12-28 by Charlie Griggs

I've just finished the chapter and quiz on Mix Automation. The biggest benefit in this chapter for me was seeing how Elastic Audio works; that's a very ppowerful and impressive way to manipulate audio, I'm excited to start trying it out in different applications.

The last session at the studio was a mixing session for the songs we'd recorded previously with the 3 piece group that had the pedal steel; this was a fun session, and the client seemed very happy with what we came up with. Looking forward to working more with them in the future! 

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Charlie Griggs

Chapter 19Posted by Charlie Griggs on 2016-01-25

I've finished the chapter and quiz on Mastering...super helpful chapter, and one I'm sure I'll be revisiting a lot in the future until I have it down myself! The video sessions showing other engineer's processes are really helpful... Read More >>

Charlie Griggs

Chapter 18Posted by Charlie Griggs on 2016-01-25

I've completed the chapter 18 quiz on Acoustics and Monitoring. Lots of useful information in this chapter, I was glad to learn the terms for and become more familiar with the uses of some of the diffusers/absorbers/traps I've seen, as well as some I hadn't... Read More >>