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Recording Connection Week 3 (Feb 15th) Posted on 2017-02-28 by Michelle

In the studio this week, John had a jam band bass player named Mark Dye. He is from Greenville, SC and worked with John all week on tracking his bass parts for the band he is in. He recorded 3 songs while I was there, "No Place Like Home" and "Five Long Years." No vocals were used while recording his bass part because they are rather loud and distracting. He kept having to focus himself while playing so he would get the notes like he wanted them to sound for the song. I took at least 3 takes for Mark to get a run through he liked the best. The last track he recorded was the strongest but it had more notes than the other tracks.   

John and I also discussed that you are supposed to record music at 48K & 32 bit but if you are going to transfer the sound onto a CD you might as well record in CD format which is 44.1K. I have attached a picture of John turning up the equipment for Mark to record his tracks. 

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