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Major: Music Production

Do you ever hear a song and you just feel it? When your eyes close, everything disappears and you just feel the silence not in the song but in everything youre doing, everything you are, it all goes quiet and you really get a moment to yourself of complete clarity and nothing else can reach you. The reoccuring moment every time you hear the same song and your mind takes you back. These moments are what got me into this industry. Dream big, dont ever miniscule your dreams for anything and in my dreams there is L.A and i can already see the smog and hipsters now! But rewind to before i started living my dreams to when i had survived high school, semi unconciously; went away for your generic college experience where i just kind of shuffled through doing what i was supposed to be doing. After i nixed that one i was fully conscious in the fact that i was completely lost. So a couple years and many random career opportunities later i realized that the first thing i ever wanted to do is actually what i really did want to do and what i have a passion for. So here we are, living in the music where i am continually on the hunt for the one song that makes me feel the silence

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Taylor Falborn

BuildsPosted by Taylor Falborn on 2013-10-10

Ten years makes a huge difference in styles, music, people, the way things are percieved, etc.. The 2000s music scene was all about the poppy dance club hits, or at least the top 40 for the most part... Read More >>

Taylor Falborn

Young BloodPosted by Taylor Falborn on 2013-09-24

I want to talk about these amazing talents coming from all of these minors in the music scene. The young talent is killing it these days, and the prime example of this as much as it pains me to say it is Justin Bieber... Read More >>