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Major: Audio Engineer

Im 22 years old I started playing the piano when I was 9 years old, from there I picked up the guitar and instantly fell in love. By 14 I started writing songs, singing, and playing in shows for my school. Since then Ive started playing some bass, ukulele, and mandoline. 

I would love to open a studio someday and produce my own music. Im going to this school so that I will have the confidence and the skills that I need to advance my future in the music industry. 

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Brachel Goodman

Week 5Posted by Brachel Goodman on 2016-04-23

This week we focused mainly on the different kinds microphones and what each individual microphone is used for.  Every third Thursday the studio has a live streaming session with some of the local bands... Read More >>

Brachel Goodman

Week 2Posted by Brachel Goodman on 2016-03-30

Today at the studio I was given the opprotunity to record a song for Sing and Spell. Mark Radice, who at the age of 7 signed on with RCA records and also wrote many songs for the muppets and Sesame Street and done several collaborations with artists such as Aerosmith, John Lennon, and Kiss, was over the arrangements of the song alongside with my mentor Frank Shaedrick... Read More >>