Nicole ThorpCentralia Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

I'm 20 years old and have lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest my entire life. Ever since i was little i can remember having a strong interest in music and technology. I've always enjoyed putting things together as well as figuring out why things work the way they do, examining the processes of various activities i liked doing. I also remember growing up on classic artists like Roy Orbison, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah and Mariah Carey. Music has always been something i've found great joy in, whether its listening, playing or creating.

Two of my favorite hobbies are playing guitar and writing. I picked up the guitar for the second time a year ago and i love it, i've enjoyed progressing with it. Writing has always been something i've thoroughly enjoyed as well, it's great to just sit down and be expressive with whatever comes to mind in the form of thoughts, feelings or emotions.

At fifteen i knew exactly what i wanted to be in life, a sound engineer and producer. It was always the technical and creative aspects that had me highly interested in a career in recording; getting to work with recording equipment as well as working with different types of music and artists and doing whatever it takes to capture an amazing performance. I can't wait to get into the workflow to see just what it takes to be a great engineer, along with finding what will make me unique along the way.

I'm thankful to Recording Connection for putting me in a position to get the skills, knowledge, experience and connections i need to excel in this career path. I'm excited and looking forward to the future and seeing where this program can potentially take me. I've always had a lot of drive, focus and determination in the things i choose to do in life. Here's to hard work and great music, cheers! 

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