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Nicole Thorp

Beats and Basics Posted by Nicole Thorp on 2016-05-11

This week was pretty chill and i only got one day in the studio but it was a packed day with a ton of information and i also was very hands on while assisting on a session, all in all even though it was the least time I've spent in the studio in a given week it was definitely a full and fun day... Read More >>

Nicole Thorp

Climbing the ladderPosted by Nicole Thorp on 2016-04-27

This week was all about learning dynamic signal processing: compressors, gates, and how to use them. I have to admit that this chapter was the most difficult just because of how much information was involved but Pierre did a good job of guiding me through it and showing me examples of when and where you would apply a compressor or a gate and what parameters work best for each application... Read More >>

Nicole Thorp

Let the good times roll Posted by Nicole Thorp on 2016-04-12

This week in the studio i had a mixing lesson to go along with Chapter 12: Mix Theory. Basically what Pierre did was take everything that i had read in this weeks chapter and put it into action with a mix from a project that he had been working on... Read More >>