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My name is Mike, I'm an aspiring recording engineer in central Colorado. I've been teaching myself the vast world of pro audio for five years, ever since I started working with a presonus firestudio and logic express to record myself playing drums. I've been a musician for thirteen years and immersed myself in as many genres as I could including my favorites; jazz, metal, and funk. Initially I pursued a degree in music performance/jazz studies and Metropolitan State College of Denver where I learned theory, music history, improvisation, and much more from local drum god Paul Romaine. Quickly though I realised my growth as a musician and how I applied my craft couldn't come from a classroom and left school.

Since then I've been playing in various bands and recording whenever and however I could. Mostly I play technical death metal, but I also strive to get as many jazz/funk gigs as I can. They're a nice relief from the amount of focus and dexterity that extreme metal takes, but I get to broaden my creativity and style which is never a bad thing! I've recently decided to pursue a career path in audio to further my experience and value as a musician, and also to provide a great service to bands and musicians everywhere. Now that I'm working with a small collection of proffessional gear, I'm ready to learn as much as possible and start my career in pro audio! I aim to be professional, easy to work with, inventive, helpful, and as knowledgable as possible to give bands and musicans as great of an experience as possible with myself and my product. To never stop learning and growing as an engineer and as a musician, is and always will be my primary focus.

If anyone ever feels like a jam session, to talk about audio, or maybe your in need of a good drummer, don't be afraid to give me a call or shoot me an email!!

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