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Major: Audio Engineering/Production

Edgar Vazquez was born in Mexico City, Mexico on June 9th, 1995, however was raised in good ol' Denver, CO for most of his life. 

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Edgar Vazquez

Blog Entry #7Posted by Edgar Vazquez on 2014-11-16

This week I covered chapter 7 which was all about planning and tracking.The chapter talked about studio equiptment and how to set it up in Correlation to the band I would be working with In that particular session, planning the session with the band, setting up for the session and how to track it for another session, and how to handle a session professionally... Read More >>

Edgar Vazquez

Blog Entry #6Posted by Edgar Vazquez on 2014-11-11

This week i wasn't able to get in the studio unfortunately. Instead i spent the week at home trying to set up a home studio of my own! I got a group of dynamic and condenser mics and a bunch cables for the mic and instruments... Read More >>