Detroit is well known in music circles for the distinctive R&B/soul sound known as Motown which rocked the world in the 1960s. Detroit has been a consistent musical influence in a variety of genres, including rock, rap, hip-hop, blues, jazz, hardcore, punk, techno and others. The list of notable bands and musicians with Detroit connections includes such names as Madonna, Eminem, The White Stripes, Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, Ted Nugent, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Insane Clown Posse, Sufjan Stevens and many others. The individuals found here are professional audio engineers and/or music producers who have demonstrated their commitment to the highest standards by attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute where they have learned their craft under the mentoring of world famous, professional audio engineers or music producers in Detroit.

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Latest Blog Entries from Detroit Recording Connection Students

Ernie Bondy

Chapter 2Posted by Ernie Bondy on 2017-11-12

Going through this chapter was fairly straight forward, which is nice. It's good to know the difference between north american power and european (voltage) Read More >>

Troy Coley

First blog entryPosted by Troy Coley on 2016-12-05

Im am elated, anxious, ambitious, humbled. All these things at the same time. Yet, these mere emotions pale in comparison to infinite amount of functions my human body is able to juggle at the same time... Read More >>