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Alonzo Trujillo

Chapter 18 - Acoustics and MonitoringPosted by Alonzo Trujillo on 2018-05-01

This was a very good chapter. I learned a lot about acoustics and monitoring and the history of the acoustics. The production of sound and how it dates back all the way to the 16th century BC and how Pythagoras known as Nestern and for his theory relating to triangles and musical intervals... Read More >>

Alonzo Trujillo

Chapter 17 - Automation Posted by Alonzo Trujillo on 2018-03-27

This chapter i learned about automation in Pro-Tools and here is some things about automation. Automation in Pro-Tools is the ability to control a specific parameter automatically by telling the Pro-Tools what to do and also you can can tell Pro-Tools when to do it in real-time... Read More >>

Alonzo Trujillo

Chapter 12 - Mix Theory Posted by Alonzo Trujillo on 2017-12-03

This was a very good chapter, learned about many things about the mix theory. Like for example some things I learned was preparing for a mix, stereo imaging and preparing your mix for your master and other things like that this chapter was great! This time when i went to the studio after our class session I met some clients of my mentor there names was Matt and Ashley... Read More >>