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Lesson 3 (Publicity) Posted on 2017-08-12 by Ernesto Trujillo

I learned this week about the Publicity Department and everything a publicist is capable of doing in order to make their artist stand out to encourage other to pick up the piece of work the artist has developed. They are in charge of securing media coverage for the artists on the label. After an artist is signed, first step is to create an attractive biography for press outlets, social media platforms and website. A publicist makes sure that the artists image is represented properly. The purpose is to raise awareness of artists via the press, which then aligned with a strong marketing & promo campaign, can help sell units. I am using these strategy when investing into my music and learning about this will only help me improve the way i distribute my music. Its also common for an artist do or say something controversial, its the publicist job to manage these issues, as well as the overall image of the artist, such as helping with media training or teaching them how to conduct themselves so that they are very well prepared for interviews.

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