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Major: Audio Engineer

Started as a regular Hip-Hop artist recording low quality vocals off of my phone's recorder, After finishing my mixtape & understanding their is more to making music then simply recording I was interested in learning more about the Audio Engineering industry so I decided too start searching for audio schools. I first found the Art Institue of Chicago after hearing the bad reviews & noticing I would of been taught by someone who is paid too teach I decided the Art Institute was not for me. Searching furter I came upon the Recording Connection who linked me with my mentor Joe Delfino of "MillerStreetStudios"!

Located in Chicago, IL area! Book your session with me today contact - [email protected]

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Drew Aman

1st Week With My MentorPosted by Drew Aman on 2015-04-14

My first week with Joe my mentor at Miller St. Studios was amazing, The first day I came we jumped right into Pro Tools & Talked about the "Quick Keys" for quickly moving around Pro Tools, Then we talked EQ for all the different instruments going into the song & the vocals aswell... Read More >>