Latest Blog Entries from Lincoln Recording Connection Students

Ruth Vanessa

"Rapping" UpPosted by Ruth Vanessa on 2017-06-17

Nearly the end of my course, I've learned a lot. I am currently preparing my final mix assignment. I decided to steer away from my usual hip-hop and EDM liking and decided to mix a raggae song... Read More >>

Ruth Vanessa

A New MixPosted by Ruth Vanessa on 2017-05-30

Nearly done with my course, I visited my mentor to get some help mixing. Unlike other times, he let me use the main sound board and left me in charge as he stepped out... Read More >>

Ruth Vanessa

MixingPosted by Ruth Vanessa on 2016-10-17

Yesterday I met with my mentor so I could go over the lesson and get familar with Pro Tools. What I didn't know was that he was going to make me mix a song... Read More >>

Ruth Vanessa

First SessionPosted by Ruth Vanessa on 2016-10-08

Today was my first class session with my mentor. When I walked in, I noticed he had two Grammys! I was surprised since he had never mentioned them beforehand, and he seemed pretty chill about it when I asked him about it later... Read More >>