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Week 11 - From Session to Arrangement Posted on 2018-03-12 by Kyle Ellis

Week 11 was about switching clips from session view and placing them into arrangement view to try and throw out ideas very fast for quick composition techniques. I also liked that it covered keyboard shortcuts, which I already knew due to the studio showing me in my lessons. 

My chill trap beat is almost complete, but I'm still waiting on my vocalist to finish his part so I can build the track around him. Since the open mic nights that my studio recommended are no longer occuring weekly, and are monthly instead, I've researched upcoming open mic nights. I'm starting to feel and I guess I always knew, but even though I'm producing pretty decent music (at least in my opinion), this doesn't exactly catch the studios attention unless I bring in a vocalist or bring in the studio more revenue via recording an artist. 

I'm really hoping to meet some vocalists willing to work with me, or that want to record so I can stay motivated to work on more and more projects and to also show the studio I'm making the most out of this program and will be an asset to them.

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