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Week 23 - Editing 201 Posted on 2018-08-13 by Kyle Ellis

This week's lesson was on editing 201, which again stressed the importance of familiarizing myself with the shortcut keys to improve my efficiency and workflow. Although I recognized some of the key commands in the lesson, there are still so many commands that I need to get in the habit of using. Time is money in the studio...

I believe I've finally finished the mix of my cover song, Slow Hands. After being out of town due to work/vacation last week, I was able to meet with Jesse, The Abstract's studio manager who sat with me and heard my mix. Although I learned valuable lessons like ensuring I make a chorus, reverb, and delay send tracks instead of putting it on each individual track - not doing this can cloud the mix, I still walked away somewhat empty inside. As Jesse told me, mixing is subjective and although he made some slight edits at the time according to his preference, it is my track that I have to be able to live with so I took bits and pieces of his recommendations and still ultimately am mixing the track according to my own taste. I am thankful to have heard his thought process on mixing and to get his second opinion. As for now, I will be listening to this, hopefully, final mix over the next few days to see if I'm completely satisfied with it.

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