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Tim Falco

Lesson #3Posted by Tim Falco on 2017-06-02

I was looking forward to this lesson with Donny because I have had Drumagog for the past year and was never entirely sure if I was using it to its greatest potential... Read More >>

Tim Falco

Lesson #2Posted by Tim Falco on 2017-05-16

This week started off strong with a lesson in drum sampling and the opportunity to help setup and record a podcast. Assisting in the podcast setup was a great experience and it strengthened my understanding of the patchbay as well because it was a very simple setup that solidified what I had began to learn in the first week... Read More >>

Tim Falco

Lesson #1Posted by Tim Falco on 2017-05-09

My first week with Donny has been awesome. I've been able to learn so much from him in just a few days of being at the studio and listening to what he has to say... Read More >>

Josh Beckstrom

First OrientationPosted by Josh Beckstrom on 2016-10-13

I had my first meet/orientation at The Abstract Studio yesterday (Wednesday, October 12) with Jesse and Will. Not a lot to report other than Will explained a little more about the curriculum than I had known to do, and we set up Intern Days for Monday and Wednesday of next week... Read More >>