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Bill Sloyer

8th Studio Lesson 9-1-17Posted by Bill Sloyer on 2017-09-08

During our 8th lesson on Friday 9/1, Larry and I talked about: -Bill Putnam = Universal Audio, “UA” (Now East West Studios near Sunset Gower) -Universal Audio - Apollo Twin- The interface that Larry uses... Read More >>

Bill Sloyer

7th Studio Lesson 8-25-17Posted by Bill Sloyer on 2017-09-02

During our 7th lesson on Friday 8/25, Larry and I talked about:   Polarity: -Polarity issues can only exist if there’s more than one input -Can’t always have absolute phase/polarity, it varies -Some phase issues add to signal, some detract from signal -Phase is constantly shifting -Low frequencies are affected first when there are phase issues -If you put a signal in mono, that’s an easy way to check for a phase problem -Comb filtering = bad phase!  Caused by internal latency issues or sounds hitting mic at slightly separate times... Read More >>