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Highlights from several different weeks Posted on 2017-08-17 by Jim Battles

• The Grand Replugging  There were some faulty connections within the system, so Dave decided to pull the entire console apart, check connections, blow out some dust bunnies at large, and rebuild the patchbay. It was great to see the guts behind such a rig. And surprisingly more wiring than I had imagined. Dave's other student and I helped disassemble the components and evacuate them to the live room for sorting and cleaning. We also honed our cable coiling skills immensely. (Cable coiling....the secret handshake of sound guys.) Dave pulled an all-nighter rebuilding it, as he had a mastering session with Low Cut Connie the next day. 

• guess what? this portal blows. this is the second time I've tried to post this blog. Last night it was so dreadfully slow and unresponsive. I did get it posted, but it cut off 2/3 of the entry. so Screw it. 

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