Jim BattlesLouisvile Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering/ Music Production

I spent 25 years as a freelance/commercial photographer. I then took a job with my best client as a magazine designer for 6 more. Now I retouch product images within a high volume photo studio for an e-commerce company. It\'s not a bad job, but it doesn\'t offer the creative outlets I need for job satisfaction. So instead of quitting the day job (my creditors frown on this) I find myself in school again learning audio engineering. At one level I want to know this stuff to produce my own projects with my group The Synchopaths, but if I can leverage a new career trajectory with it...BONUS!

Music was a formative force in my life, and the demands of learning my trade in college forced me away from it. And denying that force for too long only makes it more demanding for your return. So the energy I spend in this pursuit is pointed directly toward my larger dreams.






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