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Major: Audio Engineering

Milwaukee, Wisconsin lover of music and musician ...

    Before I even started kindergarten my parents had purchased a small cassette tape player with a microphone for me. I used to record my favorite songs from the radio on to tapes so I could listen to to them over and over . Bands like the Beatles , the Stones , Zeppelin , Black Sabbath , Bowie , Queen , etc. etc. , the list is long . Over the years my love of music grew into wanting to play those favorites so I got myself a paper delivery route and soon had enough cash saved up to by my first bass guitar (not to the liking of my father whom thought I should\'ve saved up for something else).               At any rate , by the time I was in high school I had formed a very heavy metal band with my good friend (drummer) from first grade and some guys we met around town . We called our ourselves Diseased . The first show we played had a write up in the local paper that said things like \"the crowd of chain smoking leather clad teenagers watched as the band played with guitars like jack hammers and vocals like Linda Blair\'s best excerpt from the Exorcist\" ... LOL ... yep , it was awesome ... We played for a few years and then I took a break from music to serve in the US Marine Corps infantry. While I was away I purchased a bass guitar to play in my down time. Upon returning back to Milwaukee I started playing in another band called Deaf Dumb & Blind which was a little more punk rock. The drummer of DD&B and I left to play in the LA Explosion (named in honor of the band the Last)   a four piece power pop group doing covers and originals and very popular around the local bars. I stopped playing for a bit to focus on the birth of my first child but soon some friends from the past wanted to do some new things and I was itching to as well so we started an original alt rock type band called Crucial Fix. This is when I also began to dibble and dabble in the art of recording live music. For the most part I felt that while we were saving ideas I just might be able to capture some awesome moments. Also, I could take as much time as needed to get what we wanted without being in a studio paying someone else to guess what we wanted. Once Crucial Fix ended I again took a break as I was accepted into the Milwaukee Fire Department training academy. I have had the priveledge of serving on the MFD since March of 1996. Eventually when I had some time I was asked to help a friend of a friend record his music. We became great friends ourselves and ended up bringing in the singer from Crucial Fix to play keys . Our threesome became the Decaying Things. So many hours spent making songs but we never played a live show. It took years before we decided to release any of our ideas. In the meantime I did a ska project called King Volcano which was a trio , a rock band called Neutral also a trio, and played around town with local musicians having fun and honing my chops.  I was asked to play with a band called Spirit Creek (the drummer of Crucial Fix brought me on board). Probably the best known of the bands to date, we toured around the mid west and I took a part in the making of the most recent and last album \"A Culture of Unaccountability\" . In between breaks of these two projects I also made an album in a group called Idle Flow (also with Crucial Fix/Spirit Creek drummer and also a trio). The singer from Spirit Creek, Doug Shea, asked if I would play in a church band with him. I played on an original album of contemporary christian songs with him and continue to play with another local church group to this day nine years later and counting.     I am currently focused on creating music with the Decaying Things , music I have created alone and fine tuning the craft of audio engineering. All in all , it has been an interesting 30+ years of music making. I look forward to the future with support of my wife and family. Music will always play a roll in my life as long as I can make it happen.

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