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Chapter 3 & Chapter 4 Posted on 2018-05-23 by Zach Nugent

May 23rd, 2018

Chapter 3 - Digital Audio

Fern taught me how to use lights for shows. I found it very interesting and fun to finally press some buttons. He talked about bringing me to shows later on. His other student Collin works at the Belmont doing lights and sound when Fern is not there. I am extremely gratefull for the amount of time and effort Fern puts in to get me ready for the real world of sound.

I was able to sit in on recording vocals for a gospel singer. It is not the type of music I listen to but I loved exploring it. The music had a lot of soul and it had a lot more human touches than the "robotic" music I am used to hearing on the radio and the internet. 

Chapter 4 - Connectivity

We split the lesson into 2 meetings because Fern wanted to take a lot of time with me for Patch Bays. Only once I came back for the rest of the lesson, Fern realized that Recording Connections cut out some important Patch Bays information. We had to go online to better fully understand Patch Bays. The next day, Fern set up a little patch bay for me to play with and understand how it works. He, also, taught me how to soder TRS and XLR wires.

I feel really lucky that my mentor is this good to me.

Next week, we are meeting up on Monday to look over the Rider for the show on Tuesday that I will be helping Fern set up.

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