Fabian JohnsonMount Vernon Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineer/Record Producer

In the music world you can call me Mae Lanz, thats the name my fans and superior will know me as in the future. I have great ears and very passionate when it comes to music, all genre of music, especially Hip-Hop & Trap music. Growning up I mostly listen to Reggae music such as Bob Marley, my favourite reggae artist due to his excellent vision and messages that he send through his songs. As a child growing up I wanted to become a Pro soccer player or a Recording Artist. After going through problems with my Professional soccer team and was refuse of a fair contract, I started going to the studio to record music with my friends. Realizing the love I have for music was really deep and real I decided to invest more time into music. My dream today is to become a Professional music producer creating music that people all over the world can listen and enjoy.

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