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Recording Connection/Engine Room Audio Experience Posted on 2016-07-12 by Fabian Johnson

This is my first blog since my enrollment at the Recording Connection- Hip Hop & Beat Making program. I am happy to say my experience so far is phenomenal. My first day in the studio observing my mentor mixing a song for one of his clients was a great experience. We started at step one by entering the power room to turn on all the equiments that was going to be in use that day for the mixing session. After getting the power running I sat and observe him got Pro tools started, loading music files and mixing that song which was a good experience for me. I also got the chance to set up a session which involves a full drum sets, the placement of different mics in the correct positions and specific plugs attachment to there correct sockets. That day I had a live session in the studio observing a professional Drummer, Guitar player (Mark Christensen) and Recording Artist working together on a song, everything was been recorded on Pro tools and I watch as stuff were done and pay keen attention to every steps taken and corrections that were made. I have been in the Mastering lab observing songs been mastered which is another great experience. Some days when there isn't much work going on in the Mixing or Mastering room I volenteer to help set up Pod Cast sessions handling different mics and keeping the area tidy and neat by wrapping cords around mic stands and placing them out of reach to prevent anyone from stepping or tripping over them. My mentor Micheal Bader has been doing an excellent job teaching me things about Logic Pro X such as using the different types of plugins Space Designer, Ultrabeat and EXS24 sampler. I also got a chance to meet Lee Wiggins who is a Professional music producer. My experience with him was also phenomenal as he gave me advice about becoming a producer things to expect and working with different clients. I'm currently learning how to master my stlye and techniques in Logic Pro X making beats and setting Levels...

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