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Major: Audio engineering


 Sup world, I am a 24 year old active drummer/musician living in Lafayette LA. My name is Brendan Daly and I love music and everything about it. I graduated high school on 2011 and I finished the Recording Connection program for audio engineering in 2016.  I went to a recording studio in Baton Rouge, LA  for the classes at Sockit Studio then transferred to a local studio here in town called Leap Studios. I was in drum line all 4 years in high as a bass player. I absolutely loved everything about it all. It gave me great discipline and structure to be a better drummer. I bleed the drums and I also can play a little piano and guitar.


    My parents are the main influences of why I love and enjoy music so much. My dad was the main musician as a drummer and I picked it up as a young boy. I was about 8 years old when I first started playing drums and I always  enjoyed making beats and watching other people enjoy, and appreciate them. I was also in a local rock band called Without Shepherd as there drummer. Sadly we are no more but there is talk that we may come back, you never know! I loved performing so much. I couldn’t get enough of the energy and vibe the crowd got out of our music. Way beyond cloud 9!  During the day I work at a local eye clinic/surgery center and come the afternoon I work at our local Guitar Center as the drum saleAssociateOn my free time I try to play and work with music as much as I can. My band may come back but in the mean time I do jam around town with some friends, and once in a blue moon we will play on stage for the fun of it. I would one day really want to make playing shows a source of income in the future, but until then its all for the love and fun for music.


   The reason I chose the audio engineering course from Recording Connection is because I wanted to make it a little easier for a band to get there music out there. And I thought it would be way awesome dealing with music pretty much all day every day. When I was in my band we put about a year and a half of work in order to make our sound presentable and interesting in a good way. Once we were comfortable and confident in our music we went out and tried to get shows, but it was no luck. Nobody wanted to give us a chance so we went back to the drawing board. After constant looking we found a friend that mixed a little music together. This time we had a preview of what we sounded like and it was a success! Just having a little preview opened the show doors for us. We had shows left and right. Playing with big local bands at the time and making a name for ourselves. It was pretty difficult in the beginning,  but what isn\'t difficult in the beginning. What I want to do is just make that first step a little bit earlier for new coming bands to make a name for themselves.


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Brendan Daly

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