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Sheena Seymour

Chapter One CompletedPosted by Sheena Seymour on 2017-07-18

The information I have just learnt is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I finally understand what attack, decay, sustain, and release are! After all these years of playing on Garageband, or using an amp with an electric guitar and always changing the dials never even knowing what they were... Read More >>

Howard Sims Jr

Chapter 1Posted by Howard Sims Jr on 2016-05-01

well I've just finished reading chapter 1 of the lessons and I'm about to take my quiz. I must say it was a bit of a thought that said uh-oh in the back of my mind when I saw 34 pages (lol) I mean it was deafinately a bit tormenting after one hasn't read much of anything in quite some time, but with the videos and sound samples I quickly calmed down and flowed through the chapter... Read More >>