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Terence Fuller Jr

MasteringPosted by Terence Fuller Jr on 2017-12-13

Mastering is so important when it comes to putting the last touches on your music. Most people in the music industry simply associate mastering with making music as loud as a human can bear; but mastering is much more that that... Read More >>

Howard Sims Jr

Chapter 1Posted by Howard Sims Jr on 2016-05-01

well I've just finished reading chapter 1 of the lessons and I'm about to take my quiz. I must say it was a bit of a thought that said uh-oh in the back of my mind when I saw 34 pages (lol) I mean it was deafinately a bit tormenting after one hasn't read much of anything in quite some time, but with the videos and sound samples I quickly calmed down and flowed through the chapter... Read More >>