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I was born in Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley on Dec 6 1994, raised in North Hollywood and Pacoima. I went to Fair Ave Elementary where my kindergarten teacher Mr. Sartin signed me up to test for the Gifted/ Magnet program at Canterbury Elementary. I then transferred to Canterbury where I participated in various theatre productions. I continued to Nobel Middle School where I discovered music's depths. I was introduced to various genres and artists ranging from Wu-Tang to Mayhem. It was at the beginning of my teenage years that I fell in love with all music, mostly Hip-Hop. I could not and still cannot get enough music in my minds enormous library. I continued to Cleveland HS in Reseda and after my freshman year decided to transfer to Arleta HS where I would go on to play baseball and basketball and more importantly discover Fruity Loops and Mixcraft. This is where I was introduced to music production DAWs and realized my fascination with music, art, and their creation was more than just a hobby- it was a calling. With high school coming to an end I realized college was a bit out of my reach so I decided to join the Marine Corps. While in the Marine Corps I learned who I really was and why I was born- a music producer born to bring change to my community. I took my 4 year enlistment and built up my production knowledge on my free time with other producers I met and collaborated with them and learned from them to gain more experience and perfect my craft.  I had always heard "if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere". So that is exactly what I did, I moved to the neighborhood if Inwood in Manhattan and enrolled in RRFC's Audio Engineer course.

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