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Sound & Hearing (lesson 1) Posted on 2014-05-01 by Tjaden Schroder




In lesson one they explained the basics on sound and hearing and some of what I have learned is shown in the picture above. Frequency is one of them and I found out that it is directly related to pitch. Amplitude is another thing and that represents how loud the sound wave is. They also talked about wavelength and compression which is the high pressure region and the low pressure region called rarefaction. They showed the different types of wave forms simple wave forms know as a sine wave and complex wave forms. They also explained that 85-95dB SPL is the best mixing level. Along with that I learned about ADSR and that stands attack, decay, sustain, and release as shown in the example below. Another thing they showed and explained was stereo and mono recording and had an example to listen to the differences between the two. They explain timbre and that is what make every instrument different from each other like a finger print. In addition to all of that I learned about how the human ear works and all of the parts of the ear such as pinna the outer ear, the eardrum the small flap of skin that vibrated to the sound waves, the malleus or the hammer and it is attached to the eardrum, the incus and that is attached to the malleus, the stapes or the stirrup, and last but not least the cochlea the snail shaped organ. After learning all that awesome information I got to go the studio with my mentor Chris and he first showed me around the studio he explained the equipment and the design of the studio in more detail. Next we went over the lesson and he helped me understand stuff that maybe didn't make the best sense to me and he did a very a basic overview of Pro Tools. That was about it for lesson one and I loved every bit of it and can't wait to learn more and spend more time with Chris in the studio.



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