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Basic Electronics (lesson 2) Posted on 2014-05-01 by Tjaden Schroder

Lesson two is basic electronics and in this lesson they explain the basic chemistry of electricity, what it is and how it works. They explain the basic parts of the atom such as the electron which is negatively charged, protons and they are positively charged, and neutrons the neutral part of the atom. I learned that if an atom loses an electron it becomes a positively charged atom and the opposite goes if the atom loses a proton. Resistance, current, and voltage are some of the aspects of electricity. They had a good way of analogy of electricity they explained it like moving water. Resistance is the impedance the material has on the electricity. Voltage is the electromotive force, and current is the how fast the electricity is moving. They had an equation to find the resistance, voltage and current that equation is I=V/R. I also learned about electronic circuits which is defined as a circular line, route that starts and finished in the same spot. Then they explain the different types of circuits analog and digital. Analog circuits are divided in two different kind series and parallel. A series circuit is like the old fashion Christmas lights so if one light goes out they all go out and the parallel circuit is the like the new Christmas lights and only one light will go out. The other circuit the digital circuit transmits information using binary numbers with two values 1 and 0. In this lesson they add the individual current types alternating and direct currents. A direct current is like a battery and solar panels. A alternating current would be like the wall outlets. For this lesson Chris and I did the usual we went over the lesson and talked about it for awhile then he gave me the great opportunity to sit in with him on a session. It was with Dan Whitney or known as Larry The Cable Guy we were putting together a commercial for the radio. It was an awesome experience to watch the process. Chris also explain every process that he went through on Pro Tools and the whole thing has made me even more eager to learn more and become the best engineer I can be.

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