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�Donde debo poner el micr�fono? Posted on 2015-02-21 by Michael Brown

For those that don't speak spanish (neither do I lol) the title up top translated in English is "Where do I place the microphone?". I'm glad that I was instructed to read chapter 5 in the same week as 4.  Placement techniques are apart of the foundation you need to have to proceed with a successful session. For example if you are using a guitar you can get a stereo sound from using X-Y configuration or blumlein pair technique. The position of the mics in correlation with the technique gives a specific sound. There are mono techniques as well. Ambient placment, for example, gives less of a direct sound and more of a product that captures the sonic atmosphere from within in the room. Will showed me a few examples of mic placements prior to the sessions that went that day. Another edcuational day in the books. Stay tune stay bless!

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