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The Day of Drums Posted on 2015-02-25 by Michael Brown

Last week I had the great opportunity to witness a drum session. The most important part of this session is the set up.  the first step was to make sure all of mics were inputted correctly and position in the format of how the drum kit would be. After the drum kit was brought in, Will tuned the head of each drum before pulling the kit to its final positioning. Now this particular takes time and patience because you, as the engineer, want the drum kit to as close to being in perfect tune as possible. Accomplishing this step alleviates future headaches that could arise. After each head was in its correct tune, the junior engineers assisted WIll in setting up the mics on the drum kit, this was great to see. After the mics were set up we were ready to record. This an awesome experience to the work that goes into recording instruments and the challenges you can have when doing so. The chapter from last week, Tracking, correlated perfectly with this experience. Excited about this week because I finally receieved..................Stay tuned & Stay Bless!

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